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Tips for Millennials involving in the Real Estate Business


Getting involved in the Real Estate business can be very demanding, however the outcome can be very pleasing. Yes like anything else, becoming a part of this type of business industry is not fit for everyone. For it will require you to put the most effort and commitment possible in order to become successful in your Real Estate business. The following tips will help you grasp an idea on how you may begin and become a part of the Real Estate business:

A vast quantity of opportunities exist to help you make money in the Real Estate business. Often times the obstacles some people seem to run into is the money itself and/or credit. One source that can help you if you don’t want to take much of a risk or doesn’t have much capitol is wholesaling or a wholesaler, which is basically when the wholesaler is in charge of purchase, contracts with home seller, markets the home to potential buyers, and then assigns the contract to one of them. Most people commonly refer to the wholesaler as the “middle man”.

A couple of skills that you’ll need in order to become a good wholesaler are the ability to at least estimate repairs, marketing knowledge as well as what the property value is once repairs are complete, understanding of negotiations and the costs involved in a transaction, time management, capable of preforming well under stress.  

In order to become a successful person in real estate it’s crucial to be consistent in growing your network including meeting other hard money lenders, contractors, real estate investors, and investment lenders between many other people who can potentially help you with your next deal. 

You will also want to gain experience before beginning to do everything on your own, a major key and safe choice would be to partner up with an experienced investor. As well as for first time flippers, partnering up with someone who has more experience will be very beneficial in helping you find a mentor that will relieve some of the new pressure of your shoulders. 

On the other hand if you’re not afraid of taking risks and have money to provide a short-term loan to a real estate investor (also known as hard loan), then you should look into becoming a private money lender. Private money lenders are individual companies that loan money , generally secured by a note and a deed of trust, in order to fund a real estate transaction successfully. Typically the term of a private money lender is of 6 to 12 months interest payment only, the interest rate will be of approximately 10 or more, and the closing cost fee. 

Then if you feel becoming a private money lender is not for you, instead you could become an investor. As an investor you have the ability to buy from a 

variety of properties such as commercial, single family residents, and multifamily residential property. The investor can purchase the property with their money or by contacting a hard money lender to help them leverage their money in order to purchase the property.