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Finding The Best Contractor


It’s been often expressed that finding the best contractor for the job is quiet a hard task. Not only is it a very important decision, but it is one that could either make or break the success of your project. We’ve taken the time to figure out the best tips we can give you to help you find the perfect contractor for the job.


It’s very important to have a plan in mind before you begin searching. Hiring a contractor is like choosing a significant other, you need to know what you are an are not looking for. When interviewing, make sure you can communicate exactly what your goals are. Pictures of what it is you want help clarify your plans and help give the contractor a better visual of what you want. Make sure to present all goal, visions, and designs before they give you an estimated price.

Do Research.

The best place to begin looking if you don’t know where, is through your connections. Reach out to fellow real estate investors, family, friends, etc and they should be able to give you some recommendations. Make sure to still do your due diligence beforehand to ensure they are still the right contractor for you. The most important thing to check on is that they have proper insurance coverage and a current state license. It is also a great idea to check on past projects or to ask them for any past work for examples and even ask past clients of theirs about service, if you can. The more you know, the better and easier it will be to make a decision.

Remember, if you don’t have any recommendations, networking with other investors is a great place to find contractors as well! Follow Axe Lending Group Facebook page will keep you up to date with all events we put on and they are a great place to find contactors directly or to obtain contractor referrals.

Be part of the project.

Although you aren’t doing the actual labor, it is important to still be on top of the projects. Frequently stop by the property and ask for constant updates. This will help you to prepare for any foreseeable problems. Take pictures of project to have physical record of anything that you find concerning so you can address when needed. If something is bothering you, make sure to express that to your contractor. It is better to have an open, honest line of communication with them than to end up having a bigger issue at hand near the finish. 

I hope this information is useful and will help guide you to finding the perfect contractor. If you have any questions, need a referral, or to apply for a loan, contact Katie Johnsen. katie@axelendinggroup.com817-897-7527