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Why Use Hard Money in Houston, TX


Here in Houston houses are being fixed and flipped faster than you can blink an eye. This is happening mostly because of Hard Money. If you’re not sure what hard money is, here are some reasons why you should consider using it. (You can also check out this blog for more info: Using Hard Money as a valuable tool )


When it comes to Hard Money one of the most important factors is collateral. You’re project will be evaluated on items such as purchase price, rehab budget/needs, and after repair value (ARV). Factors such as total money down and credit score are considered, but not as important compared to traditional lending methods.

Most Hard Money Lenders in Houston float around 50%-65% of the LTV. Here at Axe Lending Group we have programs as high as 90% LTV of ARV! 


Hard Money agreements are more flexible compared to traditional mortgages. Our underwriters evaluate each deal individually versus running it through software and comparing only numbers. Considering each deal is unique, you may be able to tweak repayment schedules. When you work with us at Axe Lending Group our goal is to create the perfect Hard Money program for your project.


When it comes to fix and flip homes in Houston, speed is a huge factor. The faster you can turn your houses, the higher your profitably is. Hard Money loans can be processed fast. At Axe Lending we can process your Hard Money in as fast as 5 business days! If you’re in Houston and ready to take advantage of Hard Money in your projects – contact us today at Axe Lending Group.

Alex Boeger is an Account and Marketing Executive at Axe Lending Group. We have in house private lenders for fix and flip deals up to $500k within 17 states. We also broker loans for buy and hold, commercial cash out refi and construction loans for residential and commercial projects nationwide up to $100 million. For more information about Axe Lending Group, visit our website at